Domino.IO Kickstarter Campaign Reaches More than 90% of the Funding Goal

Supporters Are Excited For This Innovative Open Hardware Wi-Fi Platform

Hong Kong, Hong Kong – April 27, 2015 – Domino.IO is an incredible new technology that is an open hardware Wi-Fi platform. People who love to make things are excited about the new technology and have been showing massive support on the company’s Kickstarter Campaign, which is set to raise $30,000 by May 14th, 2015. The campaign has already raised more than $28,000 and the campaign has received recognition as Kickstarter’s Staff Pick.

The company believes makers will lead the market because they aspire to create unique and innovative products. However, oftentimes people are not able to produce their products because it is too costly to make it a reality. With the Domino.IO, this is an affordable hardware that people can use for anything that needs Wi-Fi or full life-cycle services, which will allow inventors to mass-produce their products without worrying about cost. The hardware has been mentioned on Geeky Gadgets, Hack a Day, CNXSoft, Atmel, and Embedded Lab.

This advanced technology is a low–cost, high performance Wi-Fi hardware platform with a modular design. It has unlimited extension capabilities, and Arduino compatibility. Users can choose to get the hardware kit or opt to purchase a Dev board and the kit, which comes with the Domino Core, which is completed by Domino Pi and Domino Qi.

The Domino Pi has a 5V/2A power supply that will allow it to power and wireless LEDS and antennas. It also uses a small Linux computer that users can customize themselves for any project they are working on. Recently, the company also released Arduino compatible kits during the Arduino Wars. Although the Aruidno group is separating, startup companies like Domino.IO are releasing products such as the Domino Qi, which is fully compatible Arudiuno Yun that is half the price of the Yun and also half the size.

The hardware comes pre-installed with an open source OpenWRT Linux system to offer more options for customizing. It is un-brickable so if a user accidentally erases the whole flash then there is a way to save the board. There are also optional cloud services through Sparkfun Data Stream, ThingSpeak, or Weaved.

Those wishing to make a contribution to the campaign and get his or her own Domino.IO can do so by visiting Kickstarter or clicking here. Backers can choose from many attractive rewards as a “thank you” for the support. Shipment of the first production run will be done by June of this year.

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