Kids In The House Expert Talks About Bruce Jenner’s Transgender Confession

Los Angeles, CA – Last night, Bruce Jenner spoke out in an interview with Diane Sawyer about being transgender and the experiences he has gone through as he has dealt with these feelings. Dr. Johanna Olson, the Medical Director for the Center for Transyouth Health and Development at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles and Kids In The House expert, joined the interview to talk about what it means to be transgender from a medical perspective. Kids In The House recently interviewed Dr. Olson to hear her advice for parents of children who identify themselves as transgender.

Dr. Olson explains it’s hard to know how many children and adults are transgendered, but it has shown to be as high as 1 in 100 people in some studies. Many individuals know they are transgendered from a young age, but do not speak out about their feelings until later on in life.

“I have always been very confused with my gender identity since I was this big,” admitted Jenner to Diane Sawyer as he lowered his hand to several feet above the ground.

Dr. Olson says that there is a difference between an individual’s biological sex and their gender identity.

“Transgender is kind of an umbrella term that really describes a person who has an internal gender identity that is different than the one they were assigned at birth,” explains Dr. Olson. “So, some people, as they grow up, they recognize in different ways, that they actually feel that they have a different gender that they identify with internally, that is not aligned with their body.”

Dr. Olson encourages parents to listen to their children and allow their children to feel as though they are being authentic to who they want to be.

“Our gender is a core part of who we are,” says Dr. Olson. “Not being able to live authentically is terribly tragic. So the reason that I do this work, and what I experience with these young people, is this pursuit of authenticity.”

Leana Greene, CEO of Kids In The House, explains that one of her most touching interviews was with Dr. Olson about this subject.

“Dr. Olson’s knowledge and sentiments about this topic have taught me how important it is to let your child be who they are,” says Greene. “As parents, the greatest gift we can give our children is to accept them for who they are. I appreciate Bruce Jenner’s courage in speaking out about this important issue and opening the door to allow others to do the same.”

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