Women Of Influence Global Leadership Summit Calls For Radically Different Future For Our World

Gathering of World’s Most Powerful Women Seeks To Create Meaningful, Positive Social Impact and Transformative Change For All Who Participate

On September 24th through the 27th, nearly 100 of the world’s most powerful and successful women in business, arts, philanthropy, literature, science, education, the nonprofit community, media, and more are being summoned to come together for a 3.5 day private retreat filled with spirited discussions, philosophical debates, strategizing, and inspirational speeches at the Pelican Hill Resort in Newport Beach, California, to literally manifest what Gandhi had once suggested, “be the change you seek.”

The First Bi-Annual Women of Influence Global Leadership Summit is being sponsored by the California-based prestigious global leadership organization, Women On the Leading Edge, Inc. http://www.WomenOnTheLeadingEdge.com The summit and the organization are both the brainchild of founder Dr. Rita Lustgarten, a global visionary, thought leader, humanitarian, acclaimed international speaker and transformational business growth strategist best known for being a mentor to women business leaders worldwide.

For more than 25 years, Dr. Rita has successfully worked with Fortune 500, 300, and 100 companies, along with leading foundations, to create lasting transformative change, particularly with women leaders. A partial list of her prestigious clients includes Exxon, General Electric, Motorola, The Gap, Citibank, Smith Barney, Google, Williams-Sonoma, Chicago Tribune, and Lucent Technologies.

“This is more than an invitation….this is a definitive call to action for all women of influence to come together in a beautiful contemplative setting to further up-level their leadership, expand their influence, and step into their own creative power,” Dr. Rita expresses with a level of passion and verve and rising timbre in her voice that can’t help but prove infectious. “I created this summit specifically to help women of all backgrounds to come together in an atmosphere of shared values and sisterhood, so that all women who attend can more meaningfully tap into their own inner power and ultimately become a powerful and united force for good, to spearhead lasting transformation of our world.”

As Founder and CEO of an international consulting, mentoring, seminar company specializing in 21st century leadership and business development for women of influence, Dr. Rita knows of what she speaks. For more than 25 years, her company has provided high-level mentorship, business and personal development coaching, executive leadership strategies, brand consulting, transformational programs, Global Leadership Summits and a Global Leadership Academy for high-achieving women entrepreneurs, executives and business leaders.

As an inspiring speaker, transformer, and catalyst for change, Dr. Rita notes: “this summit will enable already successful women to take their skills and abilities to the next level. By empowering women to network with, co-create, and tap into a powerful conscious mindset that will develop out of the summit, this summit will allow all who attend to not only become masters at empowering themselves – but empowering each other – and on a much more global level, thus unleashing women’s fullest potential to lead lives of true significance, influence; lives that are fully actualized, therefore allowing them to become truly affluent.”

Through her many years of coaching, mentorship, and leadership work, Dr. Rita has formulated and introduced a powerful learning technology that has been shown to transform women leaders in ways that have allowed them to additionally leapfrog in their abilities to think further “outside the box,” access new possibilities, and perform even more extraordinarily than they had formerly experienced – or were aware they even had within them. Dr. Rita’s particular expertise in promoting greater emergence of the Feminine in women-owned businesses and those businesses’ leadership practices has created enormous positive change. Her mantra specifically encouraging women to take a powerful stand for themselves as being the greatest untapped resource, and her gift for being able to empower high-achieving women of influence to define success on their own terms, to engage in meaningful endeavors, and to become an integral part of the new economic force reshaping the world, has seen no equal.

Through her new Women of Influence Global Leadership Summits and her Women’s Global Academy, Dr. Rita has now decided to “up-level” her own teachings by providing a forum to unleash the untapped leadership potential in every woman, thus helping them to further mentor other women in the spirit of “paying it forward,” and consequently elevating the relevance and place of ALL women in the world to create truly transformative global change.

As Dr. Rita tells it: “What motivates me at this point in my life is to work with those women of influence being called to be on a path to become even more influential, and who would like to come together to collaborate and co-create a radically different – fully inclusive – and therefore profoundly positive future for our world.”

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