Tornado Shelter Interest Increases As Inclement Weather Continues

After a series of deadly tornado outbreaks across the Plains and South, many families look to add Tornado Storm Shelters to their homes.

Over the last couple of weeks, tornado activity throughout the United States continues to increase in a number of areas.  While it was reported that the tornado season was off to a historically slow start thru March, the month of April has garnered reports of 127 tornadoes in the U.S. with at least 75 of those tornadoes have been confirmed.  While Kansas, Illinois, Iowa and Missouri have seen their share of tornadoes in the U.S., even the countries of Brazil and India have seen tornado activity in the month of April this year. The fear of another potential disaster has many families looking to add Tornado Storm Shelters to their homes and family safety plans.

Typically March, April and Mary are the busy months of tornado season, but over the years tornado season has been extended due to occurrences around the country in winter months. Now tornadoes are seen year round and in areas that are not considered high risk. Many people do not have a safe place to go in their home and the safest place to be in a tornado is in an underground tornado shelter designed to protect you in high wind speeds.

Earlier in the month, a number of residents in Illinois began looking to add underground storm shelters to their existing homes, after a deadly April 9th tornado outbreak that killed one resident in her home.

Granger Plastics Company, the manufacturer of the Granger ISS, is seeing an increased demand for production during these early active months as well as seeing dramatically increased sales nationwide. Tornado shelters are an increasingly sought after investment for homeowners around the country.   This increase in demand, has led to Granger Plastics to recent production expansions and adding new jobs to its Ohio based manufacturing facility.

Granger Plastics Company, a division of Granger Industries, is a world recognized rotational molder located in Middletown, Ohio. Specializing in large parts and manufacturing a variety of custom and proprietary products Granger is a full service rotomolding company, from design to delivery with a metals shop in house. Granger Industries includes Granger Plastics Company, ForeverSafe Products and Granger Aerospace Products.

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