New Active Restore A Revolutionary Health Formula

Recently analyzed changes environmental and cell research by Cellular Research Institute has led to the development of a health transforming formula called Active Restore. This formula comprises of two parts and is currently available online.

West Jordan, UT 27th April, 2015 – Active Restore, a formula developed by Cellular Research Institute based on the latest environmental and gut health analyses, is now available online. This has been made possibly with research conducted by Cellular Research Institute based on published research studies indicating the chemicals used in pesticides ultimately end up in the human food supply and digestive system. This indiscriminate use of pesticides can be linked to the overall decline of the human health, particularly the digestive system over the past 50 years. CRI have developed Active Restore formula to provide a solution to help combat these effects and boost GI and overall health.

The two high-quality components of the Active Restore formula are High Potency Colostrum and ProBiotic Live Cultures. The Colostrum is derived from grass-fed cows within the first 24 hours. This ingredient is a rich source of IFG1 & IGF2 growth factors and 30% Immunoglobulin which help boost immunity and overall health. Additionally the Probiotic Live cultures comprise of good gut bacteria which, rebalance and improve your gut flora. Some of the key benefits that maybe supported by Active Restore formula are :

  • Restoration and boosting the function of the digestive system.
  • Protecting the gut lining.
  • Boosting immunity and the overall health.
  • Promoting bone, joint, and nerve health.
  • Improving tissue regeneration.
  • Weight loss
  • Clear thinking.

Alex Mayfield, a member of the research team at Cellular Research Institute, expresses the team’s work saying, “Science comes with a lot of power to influence life on a highly scalable level, with this comes responsibility, we are glad to be on the side that is able to bring positive health transformation.”

Active Restore stands apart from other products on the market because it has been formulated to simultaneously target the lining of the GI Track and restore overall health.

Highlighting the benefits of the product, Alex said, “The formula actively enhances the GI system while regenerating the body tissues on a cellular level, repopulates your stomach with good gut bacteria, Boosts Immunity by adding immunoglobulin from Colostrum essential for fighting off viruses and bacteria, leading to an overall health regeneration.”

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About Active Restore: Active Restore is a formula developed by Cellular Research Institute based on most recently released environmental and cellular research analyzed by Cellular Research Institute. This formula is based on natural simplicity, by taking a look at human health as a whole and identifying that each and every cell is made from the raw ingredients that people ingest through their digestive system.

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