The Revolutionary Design of the Brush Effects Toothbrush Offers Optimal Cleaning with Minimal Effort

With its innovative Tri Brush Head design, the Brush Effects toothbrush provides high performance cleansing of the front, back and top of teeth simultaneously. This futuristic toothbrush is ergonomically designed to fit naturally in the hand of an adult or child, and utilizes Accordion Flex Sides to conform to any sized tooth.   Engineered to improve the tooth cleaning experience by reducing unnecessary grip repositioning, the Brush Effects toothbrush cuts down on the amount of time required , up to 60 percent faster brushing times, comprehensively cleaning the  teeth, gums and tongue. The Brush Effects toothbrush is a giant leap forward in toothbrush technology. 

The Brush Effects toothbrush is  precisely engineered to maximize the tooth brushing process.  The interlocking bristles are designed to brush all food particles and bacterial deposits from every tooth surface and interstitial space, thereby ensuring optimal tooth and gum health. You and your family will also spend less time in the bathroom cleaning your teeth.  The Tri Brush Head design fits comfortably over the teeth, allowing the user to quickly and efficiently scour all parts of the teeth in almost no time at all.  The Brush Effects toothbrush will likely find a home in families where children try to avoid brushing their teeth; this toothbrush will significantly shorten the time needed and ensure cleaning of all facets of their teeth, children cannot get tooth brushing wrong.  With over 55% of the population running water when they brush their teeth, that equates to gallons of water wasted every day, per person , twice a day – you and your family will likely keep the water running for a shorter period of time while brushing, helping save our Earths limited water resources . 

This revolutionary product also has applications for many dental markets like denture wearers, pets, and military service members.  The Brush Effects toothbrush cuts down on the time required for a full tooth brushing, so this can dramatically improve the quality of life for those with physical impairments or limited time for dental hygiene.  With the Brush Effects toothbrush, the elderly can rapidly clean their teeth, whether they are natural or prosthetic and with the Brush Effects pet toothbrush line, cleaning the teeth of uncooperative pets is no longer the chore it used to be.  

The Brush Effects toothbrush will soon be available to customers worldwide, but backers of the Brush Effects Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign can purchase them early.  Financial supporters can not only obtain these revolutionary toothbrushes before the rest of the public, but can also earn rewards like T-shirts, pet toothbrushes, talks with the Brush Effects team, personalized production videos, Swag Bags, or a trip to British Columbia, Canada for two. To learn more about the Brush Effects toothbrush or to make a pledge, please visit Share this amazing story on your Facebook page or Twitter. 

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