SMARKS – Innovative Solution Taking Functionality to the Next Level

Company Launches Kickstarter to Produce First Spinning Smart Phone Case

St. Louis, MO – April 29, 2015 – SMARKS is an innovative solution that allows iPhone 5 and 5S users the ability to spin and tilt their phones with ease. The new tool is the world’s first spinning phone case. Final prototype is finished and the company has turned to the Kickstarter to fund the first production round. The campaign goal is to raise $10,000 by May 25th, 2015.

Each case will come with a pocketsize stick, which can be removed and placed on other smart phone cases with a smooth back surface such as the Samsung, Nokia, HTC, LG, and Nexus. This tool also allows users to spin their phones with peace of mind and security knowing their device will be safe. The solution aims to satisfy a person’s need to play with their phones when they are bored, pondering, or taking a quick break from daily stresses.

SMARKS can be used to spin a device on the table or in a person’s hand. When it spins, it generates beautiful patterns that are visually appealing. People can have fun with it and create cool videos of the spins or compete with others. The company is bringing to the world a new way a person can enjoy their phone. People can also use the tilt to make or receive phone calls, watch videos, and share photos with ease. It will keep the phone propped without straining your neck from looking down for too long or your arm from having to hold the device.

To make a contribution, please visit the Kickstarter campaign or click here. Backers can choose from many exclusive rewards as appreciation for the donation. Funds will be used to mass-produce SMARKS. If the campaign is successful, the company will launch a case for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. All products are to be shipped by July 2015.

This is an “all-or-nothing” deal, which means if the campaign does not reach the funding goal then the project cannot move forward. So know any amount given matters. Share news about  SMARKS on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks about how they can help bring this incredible solution to the market.


Media Contact
Company Name: SMARKS
Contact Person: Kiran Gangavaram
Phone: 847-420-5201
Country: United States