Digital Marketer Exposes Bing Ads Phishing Scam That Exploits Google Adwords Loophole

LOS ANGELES, CA – April 29, 2015 – (411 PRESS RELEASES) — Seasoned digital marketer, Yan S. Huang, noticed something suspicious when he ran a Google search for the search term “Bing Ads” to navigate to the Bing Ads login page — the website link in the Google search results did not belong to Bing and neither did the landing page.

Bing Ads Phishing Scam

He investigated the issue and noticed that hackers have hi-jacked the Google search results for this search term. He has provided insight that this was done through a loophole in Google’s advertising platform, Google Adwords. Google does not require advertisers to have the display URL, which is what the audience sees, to be the same as actual URL of the page that they click into.

Yan Huang has released this statement on his online marketing blog, “The hackers have swindled at least a hundred thousand dollars of which that have been confirmed from multiple undisclosed but reliable direct sources of mine.”

He explains in-depth on how the Bing Ads Phishing Scam is done. He also shares tips on how to protect yourself from becoming a victim of online phishing scams.

Here is the link to his blog article:

About Yan S. Huang

Yan Huang is a digital marketer and serial entrepreneur with more than 16 years of experience creating and marketing websites. He has consulted for clients including TOMS, University of Southern California (USC), BlueCross BlueShield, Warner Brothers, Baja Fresh and E-vite Postmark. He has been panel speaker and speaker at the Young Entrepreneurs Organization (YPO), Pasadena City College, Southern California Domaining Group and many more.

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