Laser Marking Machine of CYCJET applied to the tire

CYCJET Laser Marking Machine — A solution to individually mark every tire with a unique and permanent QR (quick response) code that can be identified with most smartphone camera apps was recently introduced at an industry trade show in Shanghai.

The Laser Marking Machine can be used to individually mark every tire with a unique and permanent QR code. CYCJET (China YuChang), a company that specializes in laser systems and portable marking solution for processing of delicate technical surfaces, has developed a novel laser marking process that can engrave an individual datamatrix code in tire sidewalls. The high contrast engraving can be read using public domain apps available for Apple OS or Android devices.

The SCANNECT laser marking solution — short for “scan and connect” — enables a long-standing wish of the tire industry: being able to trace tires through their life cycle and thus keep in closer touch with its end customers.

After used industrial inkjet printer marking QR code, it unlike other machine-readable paper barcodes that have a limited lifetime, or molded quick-response (QR) codes that are not unique, or RFID tags that require specific reading hardware, or engraved plain text serial codes that require typing in numbers offline, this solution enables a one-of-a-kind product identifier that can directly link to a web-based customer-relationship-management (CRM) database.

Such a direct link provides advantages for all stages of the tire value chain:

• Manufacturers can get to know their end customers and address them with specific marketing campaigns, such as warranty extensions; winter tire promotions; and social media campaigns.

• Original-equipment (OE) car-tire manufacturers can employ QR codes as a means of assuring traceability and reducing the impact of product recalls.

• Commercial fleet managers can use laser markings to organize inventory, track usage, and prevent theft.

• End customers can retrieve valuable technical and commercial information about their tire specs, find suitable replacements, or enter online marketplaces to replace or sell used tires.

The crisp hand jet printers are either applied in the tire factory, further downstream in the car/wheel assembly, or at the point of sale. Laser-engraved QR codes are recessed into the surface of the tire and hence protected from wear.

Marking is performed by the latest version of the company’s T-Mark systems that are widely used in new tire and retread tire manufacturing worldwide. Compared to conventional laser marking equipment, which only leaves a low contrast mark on the black tire surface, the SCANNECT process creates a deep black marking on the bottom of the engraving, providing enough contrast to be read with cameras in mobile devices. The proprietary process, comprising special optics, laser parameters, and control software integrated in the company’s standard marking systems, is now commercially available.

The Optronics and Glass segment at CYCJET develops micromachining systems for patterning and modification of thin films in photo voltaics and display technology, as well as laser solutions for separation of glass.

About (CYCJET) Yuchang Industrial Company:

CYCJET is the brand name of Yuchang Industrial Company Limited, a Shanghai based manufacturer, wholesaler and retailer of different types of handheld inkjet printer, Laser Marking Machine and portable marking solution.

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