Vaporizer Vault Launches New Ecommerce Store

May 12, 2015 – California, USA – Vaporizer Vault, leading vaporizer provider in Southern California recently launched an ecommerce store in order to make their products much more accessible to the market. Their extensive range of vaporizers which are available in different categories including Desktop, portable and Vape Pens have gained success over the past days that the shop has been online.

This launch is a big step for vaporizer Vault which focuses on the delivery of the highest quality of vaporizers in reasonable prices.

In order to do so, they have managed to outline objectives which include variety of product, expert advice and great customer service. The expert advice is a service unique to Vaporize Vault which has access to experienced professionals who can guide users towards the best option for them.

Security has been a major concern for the company as they have gone online. Not only do they ensure that the consumer is aged above 18 but also deliver products safely and securely through reliable payment methods. The packaging itself is discreet and protects the identity of the consumer.

The two main categories that Vaporizer Vault deals with are Desktop Vaporizers and Portable vaporizers. As evident by their names, desktop vaporizers are of a larger size and are tethered to a desk. Portable vaporizers on the other hand are handheld and can be taken with the consumer.

In order to make access to products more convenient for users and to inform them of the many features that are included in the vaporizers, Vaporizer Vault’s website deals with each product comprehensively. Each gallery is categorically divided allowing easy navigation across web pages allowing the user to easily return to the home page and peruse through the rest of the items at their leisure. In addition, they also have the option of taking a close up look at the items they intend to purchase with various angles provided for posterity.

Each product is associated with an in-depth product description and features informing the user of the product being featured in the page. “This was a part which was very important to us and we couldn’t compromise on. We wanted to make sure that our customers were making informed decisions when purchasing our products. Not only do we provide as much information as we can on the page but our customer service representatives and experts are always at hand to assist them.”

In addition to these in depth descriptions, the checkout options for consumers are also conveniently placed allowing users to place multiple items within their cart. Payment methods are secured through Visa and PayPal ensuring that all transactions occur safely without compromising on the integrity and identity of the user.

While consumers have the option of purchasing a complete vaporizer on their own, they can even access part and accessories for existing products. This means that users can customize their vaporizer to their own preference. The best part about the site however is the blog where each aspect of vaporizers has been addressed in depth. This is a great feature for consumers who want to know more about their vaporizers and gain expertise on content which cannot be easily found.

Customers so far love the site with reviews such as, “Great selection and top notch customer service!” and “They always seem to have the lowest prices – gotta love that!”

About Vaporizer Vault

Vaporizer Vault is a recently launched ecommerce store dealing in Vaporizers of a desktop or portable nature along with a wide selection of Vape Pens. In addition to ecommerce, they also provide consulting and expert advice to users planning on purchasing a vaporizer.

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