Movie Based on Beloved Web Series “Archangel from the Winters End Chronicles” Will Soon Begin Production

Steampunk is a unique and eclectic form of fantasy, which reimagines a historical period with high-tech, steam-powered machinery. This highly imaginative and visually stunning alternate history is the setting for the popular “Archangel from the Winters End Chronicles” web series. This series has attracted legions of fans from around the world, who have relished the enthralling storylines, appealing characters and thrilling action sequences. Based on this enormous fan response, the production team behind “Archangel from the Winters End Chronicles” has begun production on a full length feature film to be released in 2016.

The script for the “Archangel from the Winters End Chronicles” film has already been completed and many of the major elements like costume, sets and music are currently entering production. Major talents have committed to this project including; Dave Di Pietro (writer/director), Jeff Burdett (producer), Michael Koske (“Iron Rail Jack”), Melanie Parry (costumes), Billy Hume (music/sound designer), and Joshua Cole (props). Producers are also currently in negotiations with internationally recognized Hollywood actors to fill major roles in the film; as these negotiations are finalized, film backers and fans will be informed as to their identities.

Unlike many of the steampunk films that have been made in the past and which failed to grasp the ethos of steampunk, “Archangel from the Winters End Chronicles” has already demonstrated that it has a genuine understanding of this important culture. Like the series, which draws on a highly stylized version of the Victorian era, the film will also use historical culture and important people to help ground the story. The main storyline will center on a world which is controlled by gangs and international crime overlords. The international crime organization, which controls many of the world’s major nations, is the Legion, led by billionaire Benton Cross. Cross’ aspiration to dominate the world is frustrated by the Resistance and an avenging hero Brendan Winter, the Archangel.

The “Archangel from the Winters End Chronicles” film promises to thrill fans of the series, as well as anyone who enjoys an intelligent, action film. However, to complete this film, the production team will require the support of the public. The team has sponsored a fundraising campaign on the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo. Backers who contribute to the $250,000 campaign are eligible for exciting perks like desktop wallpapers, posters, soundtracks, steampunk sunglasses, T-shirts, Sherlock Holmes magnificator, wrist monoculator, secret decodex ring, Archangel’s Mark-II Mask, Archangel’s Battle Axe, a role as a featured extra, a filmed death scene or even an Associate Producer credit. If the stretch goal of $300,000 is attained, a short feature “Archangel—the Out Region” will be produced and released exclusively to campaign supporters.

For supporters who are unable to make a financial contribution, they can still participate in this project by sharing the campaign on social media. The backer who generates the most contributions will win an Archangel Mark-II Mask.

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