Volcano Prints Screen Printing CMO Reveals 3 Marketing Benefits of Custom T-Shirts for Businesses

Volcano PrintsMay 14, 2015 – LAS VEGAS, NVVolcano Prints, a leading t shirt and apparel screen printing company, reveals the marketing power of custom printed t shirts.

Custom shirts or apparel with the brand’s logo advertise and help promote the brand. “Custom printed t shirts for businesses are, in effect, walking advertisements,” explained Volcano Prints’ Chief Marketing Officer, Yan S. Huang, “You want to invest in your employees. You want to re-invest in your business. You want to also invest in your customers. What better way to do all three than to give your employees and customers custom shirts with your company’s brand on it?” According to Volcano Prints, more and more companies today are starting to follow the trend of incentivizing their employees to wear company branded shirts including many tech start ups and South by Southwest.

Branded t shirts promote company culture and organizational unity. Volcano Prints gave the analogy of team uniforms in sports. These custom branded pieces of apparel allow team members to wear the team’s brand identity with pride. This allows for the individuals on the team to operate, share goals and be perceived as a unit.

Branded shirts are conversation starters and can even help in recruiting talent. “From what our customers tell us, people generally comment and ask about their company when they wear branded clothing that we print for them,” said Volcano Prints representative, Marianne Dela Rosa.

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Volcano Prints is a leading t-shirt and apparel screen printing company. Volcano Prints serves clients from all across the United States in all major cities including Los AngelesLas Vegas, Dallas and more with clientèle ranging from corporations seeking bulk orders for their promotional events, academia and school clubs to personal usage.

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