NJ Holistic Doctor, Dr. Michael Rothman Naturally Beats The Weight-loss Paradigm by Utilizing Patients Own Metabolism

Dr. Michael Rothman, New Jersey’s premier holistic physician, has developed a weight-loss program that takes a whole-body approach. MD Wellness utilizes a metabolically directed method to weight loss that is based in the scientific understanding of human physiology. This extraordinary technique gets to the root cause of weight gain and leads to long lasting results in overall health and vitality. 

More information is available at http://mdwellnessmd.com/weight-loss-services-in-nj/weight-loss-doctor-nj/

“We are among the most renowned weight loss centers in New Jersey because we offer a comprehensive, holistic, scientifically-based program. With your commitment and our support, you’ll experience life-changing results with diet, metabolically directed supplementation and science-based exercise recommendations. Making these simple modifications will break your addictions to unhealthy eating habits and provide positive change.” — Dr. Michael Rothman, MD Wellness

Dr. Rothman’s philosophy is based in an understanding that over the course of a person’s life and exposure to environmental toxins, processed foods and stress, their metabolism can malfunction leading to the storage of fat and development of chronic diseases.

“By changing one’s relationship with food, one will see a significant change in weight, hormone balance, susceptibility to allergies, and improvement in digestive, thyroid and adrenal health. It seems like a miracle cure, but in reality, it is simply providing your body with the things it needs to be healthy.” Dr. Michael Rothman, MD Wellness 

Video Link: https://youtu.be/FoEyq9eJn4A

Over the last 20 years, Dr. Michael E. Rothman has dedicated his life to helping his patients understand the “how and why” of their health. He strives to provide the highest quality care utilizing natural, holistic, non-toxic methods. Dr. Rothman has an extensive background in Nutrition, Biochemistry, Physiology and Physics. This NJ holistic doctor is highly respected by his peers and is loved by his patients.

If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Michael Rothman MD at 732-268-7663 or email at info@mdwellnessmd.com

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