LINKA – Revolutionary Solution that Brings Unmatched Security for Bicyclist

Kickstarter Recognizes LINKA’s Crowdfunding Campaign as a Staff Pick

Oakland, CA – May 15, 2015 – LINKA is the world’s first auto-unlocking smart bike lock that will power the mission of eliminating the opportunity for bikes to be stolen. The purpose is simple: provide a sense of security to bikers and encourage cycling as a lifestyle. While the company has the fit,form, and function of the tool, LINKA is turning to crowdfunding to finalize the prototype, manufacturing, and distribution. Creators launched a Kickstarter to raise $25,000 by June 14th, 2015. By the end of Day 1, the campaign hit 53% of its goal and was named Kickstarter’s Staff Pick.

Now imagine a world where bikers have the peace of mind to park their bikes in complete safety, without a single worry in mind. With LINKA’s innovative solution, this vision will soon become a reality. Bikers across the globe can secure their bikes with a lock that is both strong and intelligent. Unique features include Tamper Alerts, Theft Indicator Map, Keyless Access, Built-in Siren, and much more.

The need for added security for a bicyclist is crucial; approximately 1 million bikes are stolen each year in the U.S., and that is only what is reported. Riding a bike offers an enhanced lifestyle that offers benefits beyond health and eco-friendly living. However, the stress and the hassle of locking up often deters bikers from getting on the road. LINKA’s technology was designed with the sole purpose of eliminating this problem to encourage more individuals to ride.

LINKA is hard mounted to your bike frame and latches directly onto your wheel, leaving the bike entirely immobile once locked. With a simple tap of a button, the lock automatically shuts tight with a 9 mm hardened steel square ring. If a cyclists phone battery is drained, a preset 4-digit passcode can be entered directly onto the lock to access the bike. Beyond its strength, LINKA offers extended security with an ear-piercing siren that immediately attract attention to the its surrounding and notifies the rider of tampering directly to his/her smartphone. LINKA can last up to a year on one single charge and is lightweight, making it easy to carry virtually anywhere.

To make a contribution, please visit the Kickstarter campaign or click here. Backers can choose from many attractive rewards as a “thank you” for the support. Perks range from T-shirts to getting the lock at a discounted price. Feedback from backers will be used to create the finalized prototype.

This is an “all-or-nothing” deal, which means if the campaign does not reach the goal then they will not receive any assistance. It could be years before the first anti-lock bike lock can be released! So know a donation of any amount counts. Help even more by sharing this on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks. Share this with other bicyclist so they can be one of the first to be part of this incredible project!

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