Ever heard of the Wyburn-Mason Syndrome?

Being born blind in one eye wasn’t the weirdest thing to happen to me…

Consider that​ the average UK NHS patient​ visits a hospital to undergo two surgeries, at least three hospital trips and one case of broken bones in their life time.*

For Bristol resident Dan Jeffries, hospitals have almost become a second home.**  As if being that special wasn’t enough, Dan also discovered another extremely rare condition just as he turned 30. Thanks to a chance encounter at the Bristol Eye Hospital, Dan was diagnosed with Acromegaly: a tumour growth in the pituitary gland. All of a sudden the strange symptoms he had experienced during his twenties started to make sense. Six months later he was in Frenchay Hospital awaiting the life-threatening surgery, made all the more complicated by the Wyburn-Mason Syndrome.  

And we haven’t even mentioned Meningitis.  

Whilst many of us may need to take a few steps back (and with some of the symptoms possibly be a little embarrassed), Dan has taken it all in his stride. In his memoir — titled ​Me, Myself and Eye ​ — he offers a fascinating insight into his numerous medical conditions, told in an open and often hilarious way, whilst all the while wanting to raise awareness of the issues facing others.  Me Myself And Eye​ is a book detailing his time growing up as a wannabee Alex Higgins in Weston, life as a teenager excluded from sports (due to dangers from contact) and not to mention those tricky teenage years at boarding school. Mix in a Drama degree, a career as a music tutor, DJ and Producer in Bristol, his story becomes all the more remarkable when you consider the medical battles he faced — and conquered. 

What perhaps makes this memoir truly original is the way in which the reader can engage with Dan’s story. Accompanying both the eBook and printed version is an App: containing images, x-rays, documents, music and video from Dan’s life – all designed to enhance the reading experience in a way that has never really been done before.  Me, Myself and Eye​ is not a pipe-dream. The book is written and ready to be published. To raise awareness of the book and the medical conditions within, Dan is launching a Kickstarter campaign on ​May 11th​. By pledging to the campaign, people from across the world can get involved in the development of the project and be a part of something special.

For more information, visit:

Facebook​: ​memyselfandeye.book

Twitter:​ ​@MMEthebook

* http://emedicine.medscape.com/article/1219502-overview#a0199
** Survey conducted by Slater and Gordon Solicitors July 2013  

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