New Horror Film, Dead Story, a New Take on the Old Ghost Story

This indie horror movie, directed by new filmmaker Suneel Tripuraneni, haunts audiences long after the credits roll.

Dead Story tells the chilling tale of a young married couple, Anne and Harold Harris, who move to an old house in the country to start their lives together. Anne, an avid photographer, begins to wander about the property and the beautiful countryside, unaware of the house’s dark and bloody history. On December 1914, a young bride brutally murdered her husband while he slept in his bed, the very house that Anne and Harold now live in. Their long friends, Neil and Emma, are over one night for dinner when Neil beings to tell them all about their house’s “dead story.” Neil warns them that anyone who listens to the story will invite death into their homes. After brushing off Neil’s tale as fiction, strange and disturbing things start to happen around them and the couple soon finds out what is at the end of their “dead story.” 

A heart-pounding and nail-biting performance from its cast makes this story, a story to die for. 

This indie flick has a stellar cast including Kelsey Deanne, who stars in the flick as the lead female role, Anne Harris. She has worked on major movie sets, including “The Wolf of Wall Street” and “Shark Lake”. Chase Austin plays her husband, Harold Harris, and is quickly becoming a household name, starring in local productions in his native Texas. 

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