Shuffled Quotes is an intense, profoundly meaningful card game

Quotations on the cards work together to guide players on a journey of self-realization, self-actualization and finally self-fulfillment.

Le Manh Hung has developed a unique card game that can spark profound conversation, initiate self-assessment or just stimulate one’s mind. It can be played alone or in small groups.

“The game doesn’t change, but you will,” he says.

It’s called Shuffled Quotes and consists of five decks of 54 cards. Each one has a quote from a notable personality, past and present.

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For example, here is a quote from Vincent van Gogh: “I would rather die of passion than of boredom.”

This is a quote from Abraham Hicks: “The whole universe is conspiring to give you everything that you want.”

What does this mean, in general and applied to your personal situation? What is the significance?

“These quotes work together to guide you on a journey of self-realization, self-actualization and finally self-fulfillment,” explains Hung. “The magic happens when you shuffle them. There is something intrinsic to your shuffling them that has the quotes come alive and speak to you as you read through them.”

Reading the quotes, either alone or with other people, awakens one’s inner soul and rouses the imagination.  

“These cards give you the wisdom you need when you need it and you’ll only become more convinced of this with each use,” Hung says. “All it takes is a little bit of curiosity; you never know who you might become for yourself.

“The trick is in knowing which deck to refer to in any given moment to guide you until your intuition has matched up with that of the geniuses.”

The five decks are:

• Inspiration
• Motivation
• Adaptation
• Leadership
• Enterprise

The budget for this project is $12,358, which covers production, materials, shipping and marketing. In order to generate this start-up capital, Hung has launched a Kickstarter campaign, which can be viewed at

For a $47 contribution, backers will receive the first three decks. The complete set is available for $88, with additional sets sold for $69 each.

“Shuffled Quotes is such a simple game and yet there is so much more to it,” says Hung. “It’s hard to explain. You really need to experience the game to fully appreciate it.”

For additional information, visit or the Shuffled Quotes website,

Hung can be reached directly at

Shuffled Quotes, Providence Collection – Kickstarter Edition

Shuffled Quotes, Accretion Collection – Kickstarter Edition

Shuffled Quotes, Mastery Collection – Kickstarter Edition

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