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Use Duckwipe® for all around the house… CLEAN, DUST, POLISH or WIPE.
Imagine a cleaning glove, cleaning mitt and a cleaning cloth…ALL in ONE product. This patented NEW cleaning glove will glide through multi surfaces, picking up an incredible amount of dust, allergen, dander, hair and dirt along the way.

Duckwipe® — REUSABLE CLEANING HYBRID WEB WEB GLOVE… think of it as your reusable “paper towel.”  It’s easy, quick, economical and NOW it’s green too! This patented NEW cleaning glove will glide through multi surfaces, picking up an incredible amount of dust, allergen, dander, hair and dirt along the way.  The web fabric in between fingers will make contact with objects, when needed, and/or where finger DO NOT.  This means you are able to cover MORE area, while you clean.

Detailed and hard-to-reach areas (like inside dresser draws, inside kitchen cabinets, inside refrigerator, table and chair legs, baseboards, figurines and even wiping down kitchen condiments, after cooking) are NOW convenient and easier!  Keep them available in abundance (even in your car) and make your cleaning experience “pleasant” and less stressful.  With this NEW concept, you can expect LESS energy required, while you clean.  The MORE, LESS ENERGY involved when you clean, the MORE LESS TIME, it will take for you to clean!  And just when you think Duckwipe®  gloves can’t possibly hold any more dust or dirt… flip-flop them, for more cleaning!

Maintenance cleaning is a breeze with Duckwipe® gloves and small spill wipes can save you a “ton” of money on paper towels.  Your out door patio furniture, spring cleaning is easy and fast!  There are also, many unique ways to use Duckwipe® gloves.  From cleaning your boots to removing hair from your hair brush, or even nail polish remover are just a few suggestion.  Whatever your reason is to use Duckwipe®  gloves… you’ll be glad you did!

Here are a few comments from participants who participated in a survey had to say: 

“It took a long time for me to actually use the product.  When I did I was pleasantly surprised how quick and fast I completed my cleaning chores.  The name should reflect the fast benefit of using it.  Here are some ideas:  Speedy webbed wiper… quicker w/duckwipes… full hands on “quick pads.”  Looking forward to seeing them in stores.  Good Luck.”

“Duckwipes were easy to use dusting glass, wood, bannisters, wood door frames, counter top, chair rail molding, stainless steel appliances, figurines, etc.  For the right price, I would probably buy them!”

“Good luck.  It’s a great idea so not to get manicures ruined.”

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Please allow me to introduce myself.  My name is Rita Capito.  I’m a wife, mother, professional cleaner and the inventor of Duckwipe®, Reusable Cleaning Hybrid Web Gloves. My quest for a convenient, easy to use, every day, cleaning product, for dusting, wiping down, polishing etc… literally began 20+ years ago.  It seemed, back then, with two rambunctious toddlers, every time I would turn around, I would be holding some sort of rag, cloth, sponge etc… wiping things down.  The holding on to those products AND cleaning, at the same time, to me, was very exhausting.  I would remember thinking to myself, why can’t they make a product you didn’t have to hold, while you clean.  It would be so much easier to clean!

But, it wasn’t until the kids were all grown up and my husband’s retirement, that I decided to actually do something about it.  That was when, I designed and created the glove I had visioned, many, many years ago.

Since then, Duckwipe® gloves has truly changed my life.  Being able to entertain for family and friends at the spare of the moment without thinking or worries about, if my house is clean, or contemplating the clean up afterward is amazing to me.  Cleaning before, during and after a gathering is, without a doubt, effortless.

Duckwipe®  gloves has also, given me the means of minimizing the use of harsh chemicals, which is very important to me, as I am a breast cancer survivor of 15 years!

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