Yellow Jacket Queens are building nests now in Portland — Portland Pest Control Provides Pest Control Services

Spring is here which means many small creatures and insects are busy making nests, reproducing and sometimes becoming a nuisance. Yellow Jackets are one of the insects that have started building nests and colonies. Yellow Jackets are notorious stinging pests known for their aggressive nest defending natures and the capability to sting repeatedly. Columbia Pest Control, Inc. provides Portland pest control solutions especially for Portland, Oregon and surrounding areas.  A company spokesperson reports that one of the more troubling pest control problems in Portland which people are dealing with in their homes and businesses are Yellow Jackets.

Yellow Jackets are wasps that can be differentiated from the honey bee by their thin waists and wings that fold when at rest. When spring approaches the new Yellow Jacket queens look for places to make their nest and start a new colony that will last through the summer till winter. Yellow Jacket bees Portland most commonly found in the area make their nests in structures, wall voids, crawlspaces, attics, cracks and crevices in the exterior surface of a building. It usually takes an expert pest control professional to identify a nest, entry points and developed the safest method of dealing with the problem. Yellow Jackets feed on nectar from flowers, small insects and also meat and fruit therefore are attracted to trash and food left in the open. The sting from a Yellow Jacket is painful but temporary, at least for most people, whereas for individuals who are allergic, even a single sting may result in a serious reaction that requires immediate medical treatment.

Columbia Pest Control, Inc offers quick, affordable and Eco Safe Pest Control for residential locations and offices. Being in close touch with nature this Portland Pest Control company pays special importance to preserving the environment and is careful not to cause any adverse effects by using harmful pest eradication methods.


Columbia Pest Control Inc. provides pest control, extermination and maintenance services. Established in 1989 by Mike Giskaas, who serves as the company as President, Columbia Pest Control is headquartered in Portland, OR. The company has had over 30 years of Pest Control Portland OR experience of helping people with a pest issues in their large or small homes, offices and other buildings.

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