PUB HTML5 Flipbook Creator Introduces Version 3.9.0 Of The Latest Multi-Channel Publishing Platform

“PUB HTML5 is an online and offline digital platform for people to publish HTML5 interactive magazines, brochures, books, reports, and more.”
PUB HTML5, the revolutionary flipbook creator released the latest updated version – V3.9.0 to the world of digital publishing. The new release supports multi-channel publishing and has enhanced the functionality of many other tools.

Creating impressive magazines, catalogs and online brochures is an art that has to be nurtured and enhances with time. The interactive flipbook creator, PUB HTML5 that was introduced to the skilled corporate digital publishers made their lives easier in multiple aspects.

It is simple yet features the most advanced features and tools; this is the key reason why PUB HTML5 flipbook creator stands tall among other digital publishing softwares. However, multi-channel publishing was not perfect enough, even with a high-end online flipbook creator like PUB HTML5.

This drawback caused thousands of labor hours and dollars for companies and publishers as they had to customize the publications according to the channel they are about to publish. A publisher’s duty is to spend maximum time creating new e-magazines, catalogs and brochures, not customizing the designed publications to fit different channels. With a thorough understanding of this issue, PUB HTML5 introduced a cost-efficient solution via its latest flipbook version, V3.9.0.

Version 3.9.0 of the flipbook creator is the only advanced multi-channel publishing solution. It has the potential to bypass many unnecessary processes and publish the digital publication in both today’s popular digital devices and other channels without a hassle. It offers a complete set of cross-media design and export features in a single and familiar tool.

The flexibility of this feature allows publishers to deliver their content to all channels with minimum effort and time. The time saved can be invested to create other alluring digital publications using the PUB HTML5 flipbook creator. The fixed fee the publishers have to pay to get this new feature is minimal compared to what they save. After all, PUB HTML5 is one of the most cost-efficient solutions introduced to the digital publishing industry.

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