Pizza Di Rocco – Innovatively Setting the Tone for Healthy and Authentic Italian Pizza in Abu Dhabi and Across the UAE

“Pizza di Rocco”

Thanks to Pizza Di Rocco – an innovative new Pizzeria in Abu Dhabi – it’s now possible to enjoy healthy and authentic Italian pizza in the heart of Abu Dhabi. The goal of Pizza Di Rocco is to provide its customers with a healthy, tasty and affordable option when it comes to ordering pizza in Abu Dhabi.

Evangeline, the Restaurant Supervisor at Pizza Di Rocco said, “People are becoming increasingly health conscious and it’s unfair to charge high prices for healthy food. Healthy food should be affordable, delicious and accessible for people to be able to choose it over other non-healthy alternatives. Pizza Di Rocco has achieved that by using only the most natural, freshest and healthy ingredients.”

When asked about how Pizza Di Rocco manages to keep customers interested and coming back for more, Evangeline said, “We try to keep updating our menu updated with new and creative types of pizza so that our customers can walk in and try something new each time. With Pizza Di Rocco, there is always something new on the menu.

Order the Best Pizza delivery in Abu Dhabi

Pizza Di Rocco has also been on the forefront in terms of creating innovative solutions for its customers. Just recently the Pizzeria unveiled Abu Dhabi’s first portable wood fire oven which can be easily transported to any part of the Capital and is capable of baking pizzas that are as delicious as the ones in the pizzeria.

Evangeline said, “Since it’s a special wood fire oven that gives out very little smoke, it creates a wonderful experience in events such as fairs and festivals, weddings, birthday parties and outdoor concerts etc. It’s a great way to make an event memorable while offering some very tasty pizza. We want to take pizza delivery in Abu Dhabi to the next level – and this is it.”

What’s remarkable about the portable oven is that it can go up to four hundred centigrade and can bake a pizza in just 90 seconds.

Pizza Di Rocco is scheduled to open its new branch in Khalifa City, Abu Dhabi soon along with rolling out many more innovative menu items. Pizza Di Rocco is also the winner of the 2014 Time Out Abu Dhabi Restaurants Awards in the best Budget category.




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