Wholesale Services Of America Helping Members In Saving Thousands

Wholesale Services of America, a Georgia-based vacation company is helping a number of its members to save great amount while traveling. The company allows its members to take dream vacations at a fraction of retail prices.

Wholesale Services of America is assisting its members in saving thousands in their travel and vacations. The company is a full service travel company that is providing comfy travel solutions for both corporate and leisure travel purposes. While many Americans are struggling with paying for this year’s vacation, the members of Wholesale Services of America are making the most of its offer.

According to the sources, a number of popular travel booking websites are making record profits while hotel prices are at an all-time high. Online hotel booking engines represent now more than 65 percent of all travel reservations and are nearing an all-time high of $200 Billion in annual sales.

When asked, the spokesperson from the company said, “There is huge competition among online travel websites but the question still remains, “Who has the best Prices?” While these remain to be a highly debatable question, there is no doubt that online travel booking engines are raking in the big bucks. With priceline.com stock now over $1200/share, it is rumored that former Star Trek star William Shatner has made over $600 million dollars by opting for stock rather than fees for advertising so how much are these hotels paying in commissions anyway?” He further added, “We help our members get best commission and save big bucks on their travel and vacations.”

Most of the booking engines today offer some kinds of “secret deal”. Priceline offers the ability to “bid” on hotels to get the best deal. Travelocity offers the “top secret” deals where one can book a “secret deal” before knowing what hotel they are getting. In both these cases the “deal” that people get is incredibly less than if they were to book the same hotel knowing exactly what hotel it is. These websites are able to find ways to offer the lower rate to their customers without showing them the lower rate to begin with.

Wholesale Services of America has an online booking platform that is specially intended for its members. The pricing on the platform is on a net rate basis. The mark-ups and commissions are removed saving the traveler an incredible amount.  The member booking engine is just as easy as any other online booking engine, only the prices are in some cases up to 90 percent lower than other travel websites. 

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