Wooden Nickel Park, Inc. Asks “Will you be spotted at the Frog Spot Run?”

Wooden Nickel Park, Inc. is an initiative by a group of nature loving people from different backgrounds, who aim to bring Mother Nature back into the lives of children and families. To achieve this mission, Wooden Nickel Park, Inc. has announced a day of charity events called Frog Spot Run on June 13, 2015, including a 5K Run at 9:00 AM and a 1K Fun Run Event at 10:00 am. These events will be hosted at Kinder Farm Park, located at 1001 Kinder Farm Park Road, Millersville, MD 21108.

The dynamic shift in how children spend their free time has been a trigger that motivated Wooden Nickel Park, Inc. to be built within Kinder Farm Park in Millersville, Maryland. The people behind the park and the upcoming charity events understand the effect that playing indoors, in front of screens is having on the children, kids are no longer participating in the healthy physical activities and learning what the outdoors has to offer.

The Wooden Nickel Park, Inc. website states: “Our culture has shifted its focus from outdoor to indoor activities. We increasingly understand how this shift has begun to adversely affect our children’s development. That is why Wooden Nickel Trails have been created as places where children can learn to have creative thoughts within a safe and structured setting. These parks create a place where they and their families are connected to nature and where they will grow confident through this connection, and in result become curious about nature.”

The upcoming events for charity have also been arranged for this purpose; also the company has explained that all proceeds will go to fund the construction of the first Wooden Nickel Trail at Kinder Farm Park as well as scholarships for youth members.

Registration is ongoing, listed on Wooden Nickel Park’s website www.woodennickelpark.org and at www.active.com

On the day of the event participants will have the fun opportunity to choose their frog spots at the spotting stations; they will have the choice to wear green, red, blue, yellow and pink spots. A variety of fun activities will also be arranged for the children and families to participate in, including Frog Toss, Duck Fishing, Face Painting, cut out, and others. A tour of the trail under construction will also be given.

“Can’t wait to see everyone wearing their spots at Woodside’s birthday and helping to raise funds for the construction of kids facility!” says Katie Baxley, best friend to Wooden Nickel Park’s mascot and “Spokes-Frog,” Woodside.


Wooden Nickel Park was founded by a group of professionals, including pediatricians, educators, environmentalists, landscape architects, lawyers, master gardener, clinical psychologist, and engineers who value the remarkable connection between nature and people.  The founders want to develop a series of spaces and places where nature and people, young and old, can reconnect.  When young people connect with nature and with their families, they develop a sense comfort with nature, raising their confidence and unleashing their natural curiosity.

For more information or media inquiries, contact info@woodennickelpark.org

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