100k Factory Bonus Releases Official Test Figures Showing Beta Users Earning Over $700 A Day

100k Factory is a new software and internet marketing system released on June 2nd, and early testers of the software earned more than $700 per day after just ten days using the system reports 100kFactoryBonus.net

Many people need to earn a second income in order to make ends meet, and doing so requires no small amount of commitment, often for very little relative reward. Many people think about trying to earn money online but are unsure how to go about it. Created by Aidan Booth 100k Factory promises to revolutionize the way people earn a second income, and offers the path to become financially independent, working remotely online from anywhere in the world. Early tests of the software and training have just been completed and have returned incredible results.

The new results have been revealed by 100k Factory creator Aidan Booth in a video extract shot from his second home in the Bahamas. The video describes the processes the test students undertook and the amazing results they received, as well as sharing information as to how individuals can be part of the first wave of 100k Factory users when the product is launched on June 2nd.

110kFactoryBonus.net is reporting on the product launch and is offering the largest bonus for anyone who invests in the product. They are reporting that individuals can pre-load the software ahead of the official launch and read full details of the case studies on June 1st so they are primed to make the most of it from the moment 100k Factory becomes available.

A spokesperson for 100k Factory Bonus explained, “We are now approaching the most important time for the future of so many people already signed up to 100k Factory. Those people took it on faith and rational investigation that 100k Factory would present them a means to become financially independent. Now, any remaining sign-ups needn’t have to, as we have hard evidence of real results gained by real people who were in their position just ten days prior. We urge anyone interested in making money online to come to our site and find out more, not only will they see full details and reviews of the product they will also get access to our awesome bonus.”

About 100k Factory:

100k Factory is a new and revolutionary moneymaking system that teaches people how to build a second income that can bring in as much as one hundred thousand a year from just four simple websites. The course upskills participants in market research, arms them with custom software and content, and walks them through launching viral websites that create a traffic funnel guaranteed to cause floods of potential customers.

For more information please visit: http://100kfactorybonus.net/100kf

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