Keep your Smartphone safe & ready to use anywhere you travel with – “Mob Mount Switch”

Using phone mounts to try & keep your Smartphone safe & steady to be used while travelling, riding or doing your stuff,but still worried about its safety? Generally, phone mounts have strength & holding issues, keeping your Smartphone at risk. Forget the style part. But Joel Hitchen, founder of Mob Armor, & his team have come up with a fresh & improved Smartphone mount – “Mob Mount Switch”, as a solution to your problems.

Mob Armor is a start up that manufactures products especially for the Smartphone’s safety. Keeping the same vision in mind, they have developed a new product, “Mob Mount Switch”, specially designed for style blended with functionality to help people work & move as they like but at the same time keeping their smart phones safe & ready to use without any hassle. 

It is aimed at providing people what the normal phone mounts lack. Generally, normal phone mounts are made of plastics which always are susceptible to breakage. In addition, using phone’s functions, while mounted, isn’t that easy. Mostly, they fail to handle the smart phones properly. Though, it does give you an option to use phone while moving but always keeps the smart phones at a risk. It also generally won’t work with changes in the Smartphone cases.

Reportedly, “Mob Mount Switch” comes with answers to all this & some additional advantages. As stated, Mob mount is constructed out of aircraft grade aluminum & high strength ABS alloy & is powder coated for durability or longevity. Thus the issue of mount’s strength will not be an issue anymore. With a sliding adjustable tab, it can quickly & easily lock to hold & secure phones of any size. Thus it’s not phone or case specific & a perfect mount to fit any phone with any case. Further, it has Closed-cell neoprene foam protection, saving it from shocks & vibrations of travel. Its non-interfering design allows using Smartphone easily.

It comes with two mounting options:

  • Magnetic mount, with a 90 pound pull-magnet attachable to any steel surface. It comes with two steel mounting discs which are weather proof & have VHB adhesive backing (Go Pro approved).
  • Bar mount, a perfect mounting accessory for quick & tool-less installation & removal. It comes with a clamp that can grab anything between 20mm to 40mm.

These mount options make it  perfect for any situation whether be a road, mountain, dirt bikes & other travelling options or it be your bedrooms, bathrooms, lawn chairs & beyond. It’s tested & proved to work with almost all the popular smart phones available in market. It also takes care of your style quotient with its stylish design & availability in multiple colors.

Mob Armor is a California based company founded by Joel Hitchen with a vision of solving problems & creating great products. Mob Mount switch is one such product which they are aiming to bring to the market. They are launching a Kickstarter campaign for the same so that they can meet the challenges of large scale manufacturing of the product.

So if you are looking for a one time solution for your Smartphone’s safety & mounting with a dose of style, “mob mount switch” might just be the thing for you.

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