Atlanta GA Social Media Specialist Gives Interview To Business Innovators Magazine

Les Adkins, CEO and Founder of Orange SMS reveals social media blunders that most corporate businesses continue to make and shares the simple path to “Get It Right”

Les Adkins was interviewed by Craig Williams, (aka “Last Man Standing” from NBC’s Apprentice with Donald Trump) for Business Innovators Magazine about how to get social media right for corporate businesses trying to cross over to the tech savvy world of social media to engage with their customers.

Les discusses the changes that are taking place within social media and how corporate companies have to catch up by implementing the key factors that their customer expect in a tech driven world.

He goes on to discuss why he thinks many of the fortune 500 will not be there in a few years as well as how some companies are getting it right while others are failing miserably.

Adkins states, “One of the big things happening in today’s world is, real time communication. If you think about it, it’s not a big stretch to go back to our great, great grandparents and the communities back then that were very set apart from one another. There wasn’t mass transportation, there wasn’t internet access. You could even go back before there was a phone, an actual phone. How did those communities evolve? If they wanted to get something done, what did they do? They went and talked to the people that they trusted, their neighbors, the people that were around them. All social media did was allow us to have a much larger community. You build trust with those people in the community for like minded interests, or have continuous conversations with them, and then you ask your community what they want.”

Erik Qualman of “Socialnomics” echos Adkins statements by declaring, “Businesses don’t have a choice of whether or not to DO social media, their choice is how well they do it.”

Les is currently working on his new book, “Get it Right” which will be launching later this year to help corporate businesses define and implement the key steps and systems needed for their social media processes.

Learn more about Les Adkins and Orange-SMS by visiting his website at or read his interview on Business Innovators Magazine

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