Laugh Out Loud – Book That Brings Laughter Back Into Classrooms

Elementary School Teacher Shares Many Hilarious Stories in Her New Book

Houston, Texas – June 4, 2015 – Tiffany Markey-Redmond shares many comical stories she encountered in her days of being an elementary school teacher. She will be sharing plenty of laughs with her new book, Laugh Out Loud. To order a copy today, visit Its Just or click here.

To say that the silly things children do every day are simply funny is an understatement. Laugh Out Loud does an incredible job highlighting the humorous things elementary school kids do. By showcasing the lighter side of education, it will really get the readers to laugh out loud.

The book not only offers joy to the hearts of audiences, but it will also offer a nostalgic feel and remembrance to what it was like to be a child again.

Audiences all over are excited to read this incredible book and share many laughs with family and friends! Order a book today and bring laughter back into the classrooms.

About Tiffany Markey Redmond

Tiffany Markey-Redmond was born and raised in southern Louisiana. Currently, she resides in Houston, Texas. As a K-6 teacher, she holds an advanced degree in Administration and Supervision. Tiffany plans to one day become an administrator and impact more lives through education.

Having worked in the education profession for over seventeen years, Tiffany has provided a variety of services to both her students and colleagues, which include: mentoring and facilitating staff development. Tiffany is passionate about teaching writing! She loves to see her students develop the same love for writing and expression that she has.

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