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EuroDate examines the dating culture of the French, providing a special insight into the way they begin a relationship.

In following the upward trend of transcending borders with online connections, the global dating platform EuroDate has explored common practices to consider while dating the French and released a useful guide providing a clear insight into the French way of beginning a romantic relationship.


A French woman tends to be justifiably confident in her character. Only a man possessing a matching intellect and charm could even begin to be noticed by her.  To rise to any expectations of a French woman, it is important that a man be culturally aware and mindful of current events.  However, asking her about her own culture and worldview in terms of politics is a great way to show her that you are interested in her background and what she thinks.

When in a meaningful relationship, EuroDate has found that French women are very independent by nature.  They enjoy their space and time to do whatever they wish, which should not be regarded as any indication of dissatisfaction with their partner.  However, if any doubts arise it is best to always ask her how she feels—without treating her behaviors as French stereotypes.


French men are typically unparalleled when it comes to their romantic skills and generally have excellent taste in the women they choose to date.  Therefore, it is no surprise that they often like to move into a relationship very quickly.  Within a short period of time, a French man will make his intentions with his partner known—avoiding any mind games typical of other cultures.

Also, French men are very talkative and like French women, expect a potential partner to be mindful of their culture.  This originates from their great sense of national pride.  In fact, EuroDate strongly recommends that any woman seeking a French man should brush up on the French language to impress him quickly.

As with any fulfilling relationship, communication is paramount with a French person.   Engaging and user-friendly dating features such as Instant Chat and Email Correspondence provide EuroDate members a platform to easily strike up a conversation and begin a romantic journey with French matches across the world.

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