The STIN® SunPower Solar Phone Charger Heats up the Mobile Device Industry with Smart Technology and High Efficiency

Solar Power Phone Charger Makes Huge Breakthrough in the Battery and Cell Phone Charging Market

TRAVERSE CITY, MI – Suitable for recharging all types of USB powered devices, the STIN® SunPower Solar Phone Charger features a revolutionary solar cell that beats the competition every time. Other solar power charger models feature mono solar cells, giving an average conversion efficiency of 17.8%. With the SunPower solar panel charger, efficiency averages are over 5% greater at 23.5%. The STIN solar powered battery charger lets you make the best possible use of the available sunlight in all types of conditions.

“Solar powered mobile device chargers are significant in many ways. Not only will they aid in survival during an unforeseen emergency, but they also give emerging economies access to affordable sources of electricity. In West Africa, for example, oil and gas are scarce resources. This type of solar charging technology provides a safe, highly sustainable alternative,” says STIN CEO, Patrick Cui.

Offered by Amazon as well as through, the STIN® SunPower helps people stay connected. The solar powered charger folds down to a compact 20.5cm by 16cm by 1.5cm making it ideal for law enforcement, families, and travel. A five star rated product, STIN’s line of solar power chargers are available in 8W and 16W versions. “The charger really delivered with the few devices I tested it with. I used it to fully charge my iPhone, an Android tablet, Galaxy S3 phone, and a couple of small power banks (about 3000 mAh each), noted Amazon Top 50 Reviewer, Dr. Bojan Tunguz. “It’s an ideal charger to have around for camping and other outdoorsy activities,” he shared with the Amazon community.

STIN products focus on smart charging technology that is highly efficient. The company was formed with the mission to create simple technology solutions. All products are backed up with a 100% guarantee and unparalleled customer service. With the goal of streamlining customers’ life and work, STIN is committed to minimizing IT downtime while maximizing performance. This dedication is clearly seen as STIN brings its SunPower solar mobile device charger to market. The STIN team is always looking for brand ambassadors, affiliates, and wholesale relationships and are eager to form partnerships with outside vendors.

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