Airwheel Electric Intelligent Self-balancing Two-wheeled Scooter Market Leader with Outstanding Quality

Airwheel has recently become the synonym for domestic intelligent self-balancing scooter. It is highly welcomed by the Chinese people and thus now become the ideal vehicle for getting around.

Intelligent balancing scooter is a new vehicle for driving currently, both energy-saving and convenient. Among all the brands of electric balancing scooter, the most popular one is Airwheel. Now I will introduce two series of Airwheel balancing scooter to show you its elegant features.

The first series to be introduced is Airwheel intelligent scooter S3. It is a high-tech vehicle produced by the well-known company Airwheel. S3 has excellent performance in driving and it is almost a milestone in the history of transport. In terms of value-in-use, Airwheel S3 meets the needs of a short trip for city dwellers. It can bear the weight of 120KG. Its max speed can reach 18 Km/h and continues to work for 10 KM. The tough features are the best guarantee for commuting. In terms of social value, Airwheel S3 represents a new stage of transport, which changes from going out by walking to by intelligent vehicles. Now, the transport vehicles have entered into an intelligent era featuring high technology. As it should be, Airwheel S3 scooter possesses higher technological content, and therefore it is much more advantageous than any other products in the same industry.

The second series recommended is Airwheel intelligent scooter S3T. It is applied with a most recently-devised intelligent chip internationally. A gyroscope system is built in and the system applies an aerospace attitude control theory to keep the balance of the scooter in four directions, front, rear, left and right. This intelligent design has also improved the reaction speed and security of the series. With such design, driving the scooter will be more relaxing and safer. Besides, Airwheel S3T is easy to operate. To drive S3T, you need to separate your two feet and stand on each side of the standing board. Then intelligently control the speed and direction by your body.

Airwheel electric intelligent self-balancing scooter is now a well-accepted product for commuting in domestic market. Airwheel with its various products has now enriched the market. Being small, exquisite, fast and convenient, Airwheel intelligent scooter has solved the commuting difficult thoroughly in our crowded city.

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