A Low-carbon Travel Everyday Takes a Doctor Away -Airwheel Electric Intelligent Unicycle

Airwheel integrates environmental friendliness into the product quality, and endeavors to provide the best ever alternative transport for consumers, solving the problem of private transportation at the same time advocating living a healthy and green life in order to achieve the harmony between human and nature.

Look back on the various alternative transports in human history, and we can see many transportation tools like carriages, oxcart which played a very important role in the history of human transportation and altered the way of traveling on foot. Then comes the industrial age and the transportation also developed with newly invented train and vessels powered by steam engine. In modern times, the quickly changed and diversified transportation tools like bicycle, battery car, private car, public buses, subway, trains, vessels as well as airplanes have enriched the traveling experience and provide convenience. It is undeniable that the latest developments and variations of transportation tools have dramatically advanced the social and economic developments, contributing to the regional communication and exchanges. And with the improvements of the society, the human transportation needs vary accordingly day by day.

In the past decades. Humans relied heavily on the speed of transports, which reflects the needs of developing economy and the pursuit of efficiency and speed. So, the fast speed is the overarching goal of transportation because people want to go to other places within the shortest time to complete their jobs. The price for the pursuit of high speed is the heavy burden to the living environment since the transportation tools like cars, trains are all powered by fossil fuels that can cause serious pollution. Consequently, with the achievements of social and economic advancements people suffer from great losses of damaged nature. Therefore, today many people will think over implementing low-carbon way of living through all aspects of our life.

Airwheel electric self-balancing unicycle successfully integrates the concept of environment-friendliness into the design of the transport. The electric intelligent scooter is powered by Sony lithium battery core, therefore, the single-wheeled scooter is environment friendly, low-carbon and energy-saving since it will never emit waste gas and fits the way of green transportation. The life of the advanced battery core is 3.8 times longer than normal battery and has over 1800 cycle recharges. Besides, it is free from any pollutants and can be charged anytime. With a relatively short-time charge, the electric unicycle can recover strong momentum. 

As a brilliant brand of electric intelligent transports, Airwheel constantly endeavors to provide premium transport products abiding by the concept of integrating environment-friendliness into premium performances, providing the green way of living to live harmoniously with nature.

The time of “Speed is everything “has passed and the criteria for good-quality transports has changed from speed to health and environment protection. Therefore, those speedy transports with large traffic are not leading the way of contemporary transportation. Instead, the transports like Airwheel electric intelligent unicycle will shape the future of green transportation in terms of its outstanding performances and environment-friendliness.

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