Dr. Tom DePaoli Releases New Children’s Book About Bullying — Sydney the Monster Stops Bullies

“Sydney the Monster Stops Bullies”
Author, Dr. Tom DePaoli is pleased to announce the release of his new children’s book, Sydney the Monster Stops Bullies.

This new picture book is about a quirky and friendly monster who overcomes his own bullying nightmare to emerge a true victorious hero. Through a story that is entertaining, uplifting yet inherently serious, young readers will not only learn how to spot bullying and its social, physical and mental detriments – but also find the empowerment they need to respect humanity’s rich differences.

“The story’s bottom line is a powerful moral of friendship, love and support; forces that can transcend bullying and bring any child’s life back on track,” explains the author. “It is vital that children learn to recognize the social, physical and psychological effect that are part and parcel of bullying. Preaching directly to children doesn’t work, so I opted for an enchanting story with a happy ending! All kids love monsters, hence why I created such an unusual main character. Sydney is able to influence children in a way no human can, and the fact that he is one step removed from real life allows children to confide in his message in a way they simply couldn’t with any friend or relative. It’s powerful stuff.”

The author sees wide appeal for his work. “There’s no denying that bullying is an epidemic that knows no geographical or cultural boundaries. Therefore, this book has truly global potential. There should be a copy in in every home, school, church or any place where young people congregate. It contains a message they desperately need to hear.”

Sydney the Monster Stops Bullies is available in both print and ebook formats.

Book Details:

Sydney the Monster Stops Bullies
By Dr. Tom DePaoli
Published: April 2015
ISBN: 978-1511749954
Pages: 30
Genre: Children’s Book

About The Author:

Dr. Tom DePaoli, is a professor in the School of Business and Public Safety at Marian University. He has previously published six books that are available on Amazon.com

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