Revolutionary New Electrical Network Will Enable Power Transmission between any Two Points on the Planet

More than a hundred years ago, the pioneering genius Nikola Tesla presented his vision of a global power network that did not require wires and could transmit electricity across the world with negligible power loss. What seemed like the ravings of a madman have actually proven to be possible. A modern team of physicists have closely examined Tesla’s concepts and have come close to creating the Global Energy Transmission (GET) system. More importantly, using this network, the team headed by Russian physicist Leonid Plekhanov, will be able to generate electricity from non-traditional sources like solar radiation alleviating dependence upon fossil fuels and nuclear reactors.

The modern incarnation of Tesla’s dream is close to becoming a reality. The GET team is currently in the process of designing ‘Wardenclyffe towers’ (Transmitters) based on Tesla’s designs. Once erected on two sites, the towers will be able to transmit power across vast distances using the natural conductive layers found in the earth’s crust and in the ionosphere. Once the system is in place, the system can send efficiently enormous amounts of electricity from opposite ends of the globe. This exciting concept would revolutionize the power industry which could dismantle its expensive and grossly inefficient wire network.

The Global Energy Transmission technology would enable equitable distribution to communities anywhere in the world. Not only would this open up new ways to develop, but it would bring many parts of the world into the modern world. Furthermore, GET also could be supported without major exploitation and destruction of the natural world. By drawing on renewable energy sources, GET could satisfy the majority of the world’s energy needs.

This exciting new technology will require substantial funding to prove its effectiveness. The GET team has sponsored a $200,000 crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to pay for land rent, Transmitter construction, test elements of the network, and refine the engineering. Many aspects of the system have already been completed including the laboratory prototype, power unit, receiver-detector and fiber optic control system. In appreciation of your generous financial support, you can receive perks like high definition photos, silver or gold certificates, videos, T-shirts, copies of the “Examining the Working Principles of Tesla Towers,” engraved name on the tower, Skype call with GET founder, or a visit to the tower site.

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