American Applied Materials Updates Its Website To Launch A Promotion of N50 Neodymium Magnets

American Applied Materials is a leading supplier offering many kinds of rare earth magnets. Today, the company updates its website to launch an N50 neodymium magnet promotion. For those interested in high quality cheap neodymium magnets, it can be a good chance for great savings.

As explained by a senior engineer of the company, N50 neodymium magnet is the second strongest type of neodymium magnet commercially available (N52 neodymium magnet is the strongest type). N50 neodymium magnet has similar features as an N52 neodymium magnet.

The updated website is easier to navigate, and customers can find their dream products easily. Furthermore, American Applied Materials also offers in-depth reviews, coupons, and discounts its rare earth magnets.

The sales manager of American Applied Materials says, “Our N50 magnets are widely used in various applications, especially in high performance electronics, medical device and other high tech products. We are happy to launch the promotion, In addition to regular magnets listed on our website. We can also manufacture special rare earth magnets or magnetic assemblies according the drawings from customers.”

American Applied Materials is offering many kinds of high quality and reliable magnetic products for the customers worldwide. Now, all the clients can get a discount when placing orders during June 2015. The sales manager promises that they will strictly protect their customers’ privacy and rights according to the non-disclosure agreement they signed with the global customers.

About American Applied Materials

American Applied Materials is devoted to manufacturing and developing high performance permanent rare earth magnets for a wide range of applications. The business provides not only high quality and reliable magnetic products, but also high level buying experience and strong magnet materials supply chain.

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