Revealing Top Benefits PUB HTML5 Magazine Maker Brings to Self-publisher

“Interactive page flipping magazine created by PUB HTML5 magazine maker”
HTML5 magazines are interactive with stunning page flipping effects. They can be easily shared as a link to anyone on website, email, and social platform.

PUB HTML5 digital publishing platform’s newly launched free magazine maker can be a boon to the self publishers. For the writer’s who hold a piece of article, fiction etc and thinking of publishing but aren’t sure how to do that, PUB HTML5 may be the just right platform. This magazine maker will save the writer’s from running around looking for publishers and also from paying a huge amount for getting the content published.

The PUB HTML5 magazine maker will provide the writer’s/marketer’s an easy and convenient platform to create eye catching publications. The free online publishing service is ideal for those who don’t have a budget for publishing. The magazine maker platform provides a convenient e-book management option which can help the writers to manage their books for ex, adding or removing the book, setting price etc. “We aim to provide the talented writer’s a platform to publish and share their content conveniently while providing an option to make it interesting and eye catching to the readers”, said the company’s Spokesman Jason Chen.

The magazine maker also provides the option for the writer’s to create profiles that can help them relate and identify to their readers, who will also be able to subscribe to these publications. This option proves to be really great when someone is writing a fiction series or articles in continuation to the previous ones. The magazine maker also claims to notify the readers about the updates or new publications by the writer. Moreover, the content published through magazine maker can be made highly interactive and eye catching to the readers. The flipping style of reading makes the content very convenient to read and interesting for the readers.

The digital software PUB HTML5 can help convert any piece of writing into a digital publication. Chris Rosenberg, One of the customers of PUB HTML5 says,” We liked the service so much that we produced all three of our catalogs in a slide format and plan to update them often and add more as well.”

PUB HTML5 software can help to publish any multi page printed material like online magazines, product catalogs, newspapers, business brochures, newsletters, corporate reports, e-books and much more! The online published document can be shared on any social media platform and can be read on most of the devices.

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