Many have found the new digital keys to be a bit alarming with security breaches

Iphones and android phones are now replacing keys.
With the developing technology businesses are increasingly shifting towards the digital locking system in order to protect their valuables and businesses. But most individuals are unaware of the risk that they are putting themselves in to by relying on such faulty technology. Digital or electronic locking systems have several drawbacks, which can be easily exploited by unlawful personnel to gain access to your home, office or warehouses.

Locks are meant to prevent any authorized personnel from gaining access to the parts of home or business where they are not meant to be. But the digital lock systems tend to have more flexibility in them, which allows the individuals to exploit it and gain access to the location. There have been several incidents that unlawful people have breached the digital security using their inherent weakness.

Digital locking technology is still its inception and has not attained the level of finesse and sturdiness that manual locks are capable of. The strength of manual locks lie in their simplicity they use a real key that can be very difficult to replicate as compared to stealing a password from a computer. Even the large organizations such as Sony had to suffer in recent years due to the weakness of digital locking systems, where key data was stolen by hackers to use against the reputation of the company.

Digital locks are very complex and require a lot of learning and getting used to in order to use them correctly, while on the other hand manual locks tend to be easier, safer and far more stronger in nature. Manual locks have been developed and perfected over the years of use and provide a far higher security. Even the modern banks and other financial institutions rely on manual locking system such as vaults to protect their money and valuables.

Digital locks are programmed and contain specific phrases as passwords that are then entered to gain access. These passwords and phrases can easily be forgotten and require the help of a technician in order to recover the password. Digital locks are far more costly as compared to the traditional locking mechanisms. They require special installation in the home or at business in order to function properly, while manual locks tend to be more user friendly and can easily be installed without any extra modifications creating a much safer environment for the users.

Therefore it is more advisable for the home owners as well as business owners to choose manual locking systems to ensure the proper security of their valuables and provide them with the peace of mind that their business is secured.

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