Function does not always meet formality. An insider view of the how’s and why’s of Stem Cell Programing

Cells are the basic structural and functional units of all living organisms. The human body is formed by trillions of different cell types that are consistently working together to maintain our health. During development, DNA contains the basic makeup and information regarding the formation of different cells and structures in the human body. These building blocks stem from similar material that contain pre-programmed information in the DNA that help them form and develop specific traits.

Stem cells are a naive cell that has not yet been pre-programmed to contain a specific trait. They have the capacity to replicate themselves and change into other cell types that are needed in order to maintain health. In addition, they can replace or help restore function of cells and tissues that have been damaged from disease, trauma or the ageing process. This is the basis of regenerative medicine which requires the body to restore structure and function of damaged tissues and organs. This regeneration or restoration of function is based on the use of stem cells. 

Stem cells or cell therapies have been used for greater than 40 years. Scientists and researchers around the world have been actively working to figure out methods in which stem cells may be manipulated to perform specific functions. The extensive research carried out on the subject has provided doctors,  scientists and the community with some amazing results. Several treatments have been carried out that can be used to treat different diseases ranging from blindness to cancer. For instance, scientists have partially restored the site of mice  who were completely blind previously while patients suffering with blood cancers can depend on stem cells to help them heal following chemotherapy

Stem cells are not solely successful in providing healing abilities for damaged organs and tissues they may be used for anti-ageing. Is it well documented that stem cells may help heal skin lesions and burns. Moreover, the cells contain properties which may reduce or control the inflammatory response that plays a detrimental role in the ageing process. 

Scientists have only scratched the surface of the topic and several world renowned pharmaceutical and scientific agencies are conducting numerous experiments that can help save millions of lives around the world. Stem cells may hold the key to understanding the mysteries of human bodies. In the near future stem cells will  cure and treat diseases such as heart, lung and autoimmune diseases on a daily basis. As the community becomes more educated on stem cells they will demand these  alternative medical treatments to improve their quality of life. diseases. The future is now and stem cells will soon be a standard of care for many diseases. 

There are several utilities of Stem cell treatments which have been discovered and are being practically used to heal, while on the other hand scientists continue to broach the subject in order to find treatment for more advance diseases and potentially gaining the ability to regenerate organs and damaged tissues.


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