The Makers Project – Creative Solution that “Makers” within the Community Have Been Waiting For

Offering an online platform to help people realize the importance of art!

Beloit, Wisconsin – June 16, 2015Walker Lillard, President of The Makers Project, is excited to introduce an incredible new online platform where musicians and artist can showcase their talents, promote events to locals, and expose the community to how important art is. The website is currently in the beginning stages and needs assistance to take this platform to the next level. Supporters and fans can make a donation by visiting the Makers Project’s website or clicking here.

The Makers Project is the solution the nation needs to expand local involvement in the arts. Talented musicians, artists, poets, and other “makers” of the community need a central platform where they can market local concerts, dance recitals, art galleries, or anything that will bring the community together to enjoy the beauties of various art forms. Not only can artists advertise locally on the company’s website, but they can also sell apparel and blog to other users. There is also a special team that will pick a new member within the community to highlight in the Spotlight tab, which is a dedicated page to share who they are and more about their incredible skills.

Users can use the website to find local events within the area, which promotes and encourages locals to choose more creative ways to spend their free time. The Makers Project hopes to bring people together to really appreciate art and shed light on its importance.

Funds received from backers will cover website maintenance, transportation, advertisement, and lease money for the company’s office out in Wisconsin. Based on the amount donated, supporters can choose from many attractive rewards as a “thank you” for the donation.

Creators recently launched a project to promote the Rock River Philharmonic Orchestra, a talented DJ and street artists. The event was a huge success!! With the help of supporters, Makers Project can help more “makers” of the world, just like they did for Rock River Philharmonic, to receive recognition for their trade and influence the people in a positive way.

Spread the word about the Makers Project on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks. The more awareness and exposure this project gets, the more lives it will impact!

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