Famed Composer Uncle Art is Remaking Many of the Most Popular Game Soundtracks of the Eighties and Nineties

If you grew up in the eighties or nineties, then you probably have fond memories of some of the most popular video games of the times, including After Burner, Night Shift, Starglider 1 & 2, Double Dragon 2, and Beneath a Steel Sky. These games were more than merely preeminent forms of interactive entertainment, they were also vehicles for the budding form of computerized music. The composer and programmer behind these and many other signature soundtracks was Dave Lowe, popularly known as Uncle Art. Uncle Art has returned to the studio to re-imagine these memorable digital soundtracks using a full band or orchestra that isn’t encumbered by the limited technology of yesteryear and produce an upcoming album “A Temporal Shift.”

“A Temporal Shift” will be much, much more than a piece of musical nostalgia; it will be an immersive, audio adventure that will feature songs and soundtracks as they were intended to be. Dave Lowe was a creative pioneer who was blazing trails into the new frontier of digital soundtracks, but he was severely limited by the technology of the day. By employing some of the most talented musical groups like the Chamber Orchestra of London and the preeminent recording studio, Abbey Road, Dave can finally produce the songs that he imagined decades ago as they were meant to sound. For fans of early video games, “A Temporal Shift” will invoke memories of childhood and for fans of outstanding music, this album will stand as a major work by one of the most acclaimed musicians of the day.

There has already been an enormous response to the “A Temporal Shift” project, but Dave and his co-producer—and daughter—Holly Jazz Lowe are inviting you to join them in making this historic project a success. Dave and Holly have a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter and are asking you to financially support them as they complete this ambitious project, which they hope to complete by March 2016. In return for your generous support, you may be eligible for perks like digital downloads of “A Temporal Shift”, signed CDs, T-shirts, Dave Lowe collected works CDs, limited edition vinyl albums, collectible Jez San editions, signed posters, invitation to studio recording sessions, or personalized Uncle Art song.

To learn more about “A Temporal Shift” or to make a financial pledge, please visit http://kck.st/1QTO36J

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