Eaton Compressor Introduces Unique Lease to Own Packages on their Best Rotary Screw Air Compressors

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Eaton Compressor offers ‘Lease to Own’ packages on their premium range rotary screw air compressors.

Eaton Compressor, the globally reputed manufacturer of premium quality air compressors and compressed air products is now offering ‘Lease to Own’ packages on their highly advanced third generation rotary screw air compressors. This concept has been launched to help companies or individuals enjoy the amazing benefits of their high quality products even when they are on a limited budget.

“Our lease to offer packages are aimed at providing those with a limited budget the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of our premium quality range of rotary screw air compressors,” says Matt Cain, the President and CEO of Eaton Compressor. “You can have the best air compressor working for you unit without having to pay the entire amount upfront. With our uniquely designed packages, you can get a 50 HP VSD package for as low as $577 per month.”

Companies and individuals can benefit immensely when they use the best air compressor for all their compressed air needs. The rotary screw horsepower rating go from 5 HP to an impressive 200 HP. The product comes with a 10-year pump warranty with annual purchase of maintenance kit. Customers can also get a free 5-year oil analysis kit with purchase of every rotary screw compressor. The unit incorporates the newest and latest technology available for rotary screw compressor in the compressed air industry. Telemacanique electrical components, a trusted brand in the industry, are used in the unit.

It is possible to gain tax break benefits when customers use Eaton Compressor’s latest unit. They can check with their local power company for details. The advanced rotary screw air compressors offer huge energy savings on the electric bill for users. Apart from the usual performance benefits, this unit now has a new feature in the form of a variable speed frequency drive.

Eaton Compressor’s variable speed unit offers tremendous benefits for shops that need high plus low demand of air needs. The unit has a state-of-the-art Programmable Logistic Controller (PLC) which can easily be adjusted to the pressure range a user requires. The unique technology used in the unit allows companies to buy a larger machine to keep up with the future growth of their business but they use only the required quantity of air and electricity. It acts as a huge money saver by reducing electric bill.

Eaton Compressor offers a detailed analysis of their ‘Lease to Own’ initiative for those looking to buy their premium rotary screw air compressors. Customers can easily calculate their payments by making use of a friendly best case-worst case scenario spreadsheet. 

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About Eaton Compressor:

Eaton Compressor was established in 1977 and is also known as Polar Air. The company is located in over 60,000 square feet of space in Englewood, Ohio in USA. The owner of the company, CEO, Matt Cain, takes prides in his company for being the leading manufacturer of air compressors in USA.

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