Marijuana just might see a new home this year in the BIG APPLE

Medicinal cannabis pictured. Analysts believe that this bill would go forward even farther and result in the commercial consumption and sales of the drug.
Several states in America including Washington, Colorado and Alaska have legalized the consumption of Marijuana on the grounds of research and several studies which suggest that if consumed in moderation the drug famously known as “Weed” does not cause any lasting mental or physical health issues.

Marijuana advocates have been putting forward an argument saying that alcohol if consumed excessively poses the similar dangers as Marijuana yet it commercially available, therefore authorities should also legalize Marijuana.

New York has just moved forward in reversing the criminal status of Marijuana in the state. Under intense pressure from the local marijuana advocates the state has finally decided to pass a bill that would legalize the consumption of medical marijuana in the state. Which is seen as a step forward in the right direction.

The bill would allow about 20 medical marijuana dispensaries in the state that would be regulated by five organizations. State has also issued the list of disease that would be allowed to acquire medical marijuana, for now the drug would not be available for the general populace but the bill is seen as a softening stance of authorities towards the legalization of the drug.

The patients would be able to take Individual doses of the drug, elderly would also be restricted from consumption of the drug to avoid any harmful side-effects to their health. Several assemblyman including Mr. Richard N. Gottfried has been actively working to legalize marijuana in the state. The states where marijuana has been legalized have been able to generate billions of dollars due to the trade that has contributed to additional progressive work being conducted in the states.

Currently about 23 different states in the country allow some form of marijuana consumption, while the states mentioned above also allow recreational use of the drug. New York has had one of the strict stands over the drugs due to the Rockefeller Drug Law. After the new amendment is passed in the state, New York would join the list of states where marijuana is legal for medical consumptions. Analysts believe that this bill would go forward even farther and result in the commercial consumption and sales of the drug.

New York is one of the largest tourist attractions of the country where millions of people each year visit and if the drug is legalized the state would be able to generate substantial revenues through it. Currently, the drug is illegally transported all across the country the legalization would eliminate the criminal element from the proceedings and would create a stable and thriving industry.

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