Crowdfunding Campaign Launched for Kronjuwelen: Underwear that Protects from Mobile Phone Radiation

A group of friends, conscious about the effects of radiation from a mobile phone on male fertility and manhood, have designed a protective pair of underwear that has been manufactured out of radiation proofed fabric which is functional, comfortable yet did not compromise on fashion. The developers of the Radiation-Proof Men’s underwear: Kronjuwelen have launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to draw support from people who are aware of the possible side effects of   radiation emitted by cellphones, the developers hope to raise at least €25,000 is pledged by Fri, Jun 26.

Understanding that a mobile phone is a companion of most people’s life nowadays which they take along everywhere 365 days, yet the full extent of the harms of the radiation emitted from mobile phones are not yet understood. The developers of the Kronjuwelen underwear however wanted to take proactive measures to protect something that is precious to all men. The radiation-proof fabric has been specially created to be comfortable yet a significant amount of all standard mobile phone and WiFi radiation. A composition of c. 20% silver, c. 60% polyester and c. 20% polyamide has been used in the washable, comfortable and 100% German manufactured fabric. The unique composition was developed with the help a German university, the developers and the textile manufacturer.

Regarding the usage of the funds raised by the crowdfunding campaign the team elaborated: “To date, we have kept production sizes small. Your funding will allow for our team to increase bulk quantity orders. This will enable us to meet industry standard minimums with our purchase orders that we otherwise would not be able to reach. Once all of our materials are in house, we can move swiftly towards production of larger batches. We can now manufacture our goods at a lower price per unit, allowing for a competitive pricing of the shorts.”

People who support the Kickstarter campaign by pledging will receive various perks according to the amount contributed.

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Daniel Herter, Berno Delius, Peer-Boy Matthiesen and Nick Piepenburg. A group of friends who studied business together and are neither radiologists, physicists nor cancer researchers. Cannot determine the risks of mobile phone radiation and yet, did not want to live with these potential risks anymore and hence, dedicated their free time over the last year to develop the Kronjuwelen shorts.

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