RIBA Venues – There is no Substitute for Meeting in Person

As shown by research, face to face meetings are essential for business relationships

United Kingdom – 18 June, 2015 – Face to face time is hugely important when it comes to business as it helps to build trust. About half of business professionals believe they lost a contract or client because they didn’t meet face to faceenough and over 80 percent felt in-person meetings were the best way to build long-term business relationships according to a recent study by Travel Weekly.

The recent findings by Travel Weekly help to demonstrate the importance of holding meetings and conferences, despite the digital age encouraging virtual meetings due to the cost savings. “Although developments in technology allow business men and women to make achievements in meetings that would have been impossible a few years back, meeting face-to-face continues to bring significant benefits that are much harder to obtain through virtual channels,” business psychologist and body language expert Hazel Carter-Showell told Travel Weekly. “One of these benefits is building trust, which research has shown is behind many profitable companies. Trusted companies have higher morale, productivity, lower employee turnover and create deeper relationships with their customers.”

The digital world has helped to build relationships too with around half of recipients saying connecting on social media helped them develop sturdier relationships with business associates. Stephanie Ellrott from RIBA Venues, a large conference venue in London, said that “Virtual connections and web-based conferences have their place but by far the best way to build long term business relationships is to meet in person.” She went on to say “as one of the premier event venues in London, we see the benefits every day. And this is why bookings have increased despite technology making web conferencing easier.”

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