New Documentary, La Verde Suramerica, Shines Spotlight on Biodiversity in South America

One of South America’s most important resources is its immense number of plants and animals. This awesome biodiversity is unmatched by any other continent or ecosystem, but it is under siege from a variety of industries and social forces.  A new documentary, La Verde Suramerica, hopes to raise awareness about this precious and diminishing resource by filming the lush beauty and majesty of Tropical Andes of Colombia, Peru, Ecuador and Bolivia, in the temperate forest of Valdivia in Chile, in the Atlantic forest in Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina, in the Cerrado of central savanna and Amazon.  More than 400 species of birds and 60 mammal species reside in this region. If possible, the film crew will attempt to film two endangered species, the coastal jaguar and the crocodile Tumbes.

The documentary production team is headed by globally recognized environmental journalist, Edwin Laverde.  Laverde has advance degrees in biology, entomology and environmental management. His previous written works have been published in local and regional publications, while his documentaries have been featured in more than 30 exhibitions throughout Columbia and the United States. Beto Briceno is an acclaimed videographer who has worked with major groups like Discovery Channel, and will head filming.  The team will be supported by the nais La Crea Media group, one of South America’s most important video production companies with ties to Signal Columbia, and numerous documentary awards.

La Verde Suramerica is currently seeking financial support from the public. The entire film project will require more than $200,000 for logistics, film equipment, writing, editing, and graphics. The production team has started a fundraising campaign on Indiegogo to help fund this enormously important project. For select contributors, there will be a number of rewards including DVD’s, T-shirts, artistic prints, producer credits and, even, an opportunity to join the film crew on location. The project leaders would also ask supporters to help share with friends and family in person and online how important La Verde Suramerica is. For more information about La Verde Suramerica, please visit

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