Save $5 On The Wine Saver Vacuum Pump Only On Amazon June 20-26th 2015

Hot Hut Stuff’s Wine Saver Vacuum Pump with two patented vacuum stoppers will preserve leftover wine up to 14 days and save wastage. A date indicator ring on the top of the stoppers tells users how long their wine has been preserved.

The Hot Hut Stuff Wine Saver is unique because of the high quality stopper with a patented vacuum seal incorporating a handy date indicator. Sourced after testing a dozen varieties of the pumps currently available on the market, Hot Hut Stuff creators Trish & Kathi are confident this edition is far superior in quality and durability and will ensure a fresh taste to wine for more than two weeks. The patent number is printed clearly on the underside of the stoppers.

The people behind the brand are Trish and Kathi, a mother/daughter team who started their business to share the passion for innovative kitchen products with other everyday people like themselves. The wine saver is now available for US Amazon consumers where there is the advantage of free shipping for orders over $35.

With the patented vacuum seal having been tested to last well over two weeks as opposed to other versions of the tool which seal for only 3 or 4 days, this product is a must-buy for anyone seriously into their wine. The date indicator is a handy feature ensuring the date the leftover wine was stored will be remembered. The pump is very easy to use with a vacuum achieved after only 6 or so pumps.

A video demonstration is available on their website

The product is a bright red and black color, with the box being attractive but sturdy and inside a plastic tray ensures the contents are not knocked about during any shipping processes. The stoppers are made from quality food grade ABS plastic and silica gel and meet international standards as well as having their patented vacuum seal.

This product can now also be bought in Australia directly from the Hot Hut Stuff website.


Location: Brisbane, Australia

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About Trish Findlay and Kathi Tait

Trish Findlay and Kathi Tait are a mother/daughter team who have worked together before in accounting & admin businesses and are now combining once more with a business that shares their passion for innovative kitchen products.

Both ladies live in Brisbane, Queensland. They are Kiwi born but have been Australian citizens for 25+ years and have lived on each side of this big country, including time in the remote north of Western Australia where everything outside of the very ordinary is purchased online.

This experience has almost certainly fueled Kathi & Trish’s desire to bring products that are not available locally to everyone, whatever their location. There are many time and waste saving gadgets out there and they enjoy the challenge of searching and finding them. The wine saver is their first product.

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