Daria Torres of Walls Torres Group profiled in Business Innovators Magazine

Strategy consultant Daria Torres of Wall Torres Group was recently profiled in Business Innovators Magazine. In the interview, Torres shares the secrets she believes to be behind successful organizational growth.

Mount Laurel, New Jersey – June 23, 2015 – Business Innovators Magazine features a profile of Daria Torres, founder of Walls Torres Group in Mount Laurel, New Jersey. The interview explores the one consistent message Torres shares about success and organizational growth, that of the need to be perpetual learners.

She believes that’s part of what drew her to the University of Virginia where rather than being named freshman, sophomores, etc. students were designated by the number of years in college. Like Thomas Jefferson, who founded UVA, she feel that learning is a lifelong process.

“To this day, I consider myself a student,” Torres says in the interview, and then goes on to explain the tactics she employs every day in the process of learning for the sake of her own business and client’s growth that includes reading business magazines and journals, visiting professional websites and boards, and by paying attention to other leaders in the industry that she admires and respects.

Formal education for Ms. Torres includes a Bachelor of Science in Systems Engineering with a double major in Economics from the University of Virginia as well as a Master’s Degree in Systems Engineering from the University of Pennsylvania before going on to The Wharton School where she earned her MBA.

When she is not busy helping organizations become more successful, Ms. Torres spends her time speaking at events, spending time with her family, and mentoring young professionals.

About Walls Torres Group

Walls Torres Group, founded and owned by Daria Torres is a certified Minority and Women-Owned Business Enterprise located in Mount Laurel, New Jersey. She founded the consulting group in 2004 where she is the firm’s principal consultant. Walls Torres Group is a management consulting firm that helps businesses aspiring to excellence achieve their goals. 

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