CHA Announces Partnership with Cesco Linguistic Services, Inc.

CHA Shared Services recently partnered with Cesco Linguistic Services, Inc., a leading language services company that provides hospitals with professional interpreting, translation, training, cross-cultural support and language consultancy services to improve the care of limited-English-proficient (LEP) patients.

Colorado has an ever-growing population of LEP individuals. With more than 16 percent of inhabitants speaking a language other than English at home; chances are that almost all of these individuals will come into contact with our health care system at some point. Studies show that providing professional language support (both in written and oral communication) for LEP patients in health care settings improves compliance with treatment regimens, reduces re-admittances, ensures patient safety, increases patient satisfaction and enhances overall health outcomes, ultimately saving health care providers money.

Run by a team with almost 100 years of combined language industry experience, Cesco Linguistic Services is committed to ensuring that the Colorado LEP population has the same access to quality health care as their English-speaking neighbors, and will partner with you to make sure you have the language tools you need for successful LEP encounters.

Giovanna Carriero-Contreras, CEO and founder, or Steve Lank, vice president of translation services, will be contacting you for an opportunity to discuss Cesco’s services. Please see attached handout for more information and contact me with any questions, at or 720.330.6023.

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