New website, Your Grumble, allows users to air grievances protected from trolls

The recently launched website, Your Grumble, is an online forum for people seeking to blow of steam, get stress off their chest, and air their grievances.

UNITED KINGDOM – The online forum, is moderated by a group of wily characters nicknamed the ‘Grumbles’, but affectionately know as ‘The Wise Guys’. These moderators each possess unique personalities and perspectives, maintain order in the grievance world, and take on online trolls head on.

The ‘Wise Guys’ include: ‘Judge Mental’, ‘Ed Case’, ‘Lady F.(Filthy) Rich’, ‘Miss Quote’, ‘Marshal Ivor Molotov’, ‘Miss Print’, ‘Will Snarl’, ‘Theresa Green’, Sly ‘Dig’ and ‘Rev Goodly’.

“Airing grievances online can get people pretty fired up and our moderators ensure users adhere to the community rules and also handle those pesky Internet trolls,” said Roy Cooper, founder of Your Grumble. “Although the grumbles have real persons behind them, the characters act as shields for the moderators against personal attacks,” said Cooper.  “It’s almost impossible to carry on a disruptive discussion with a character who doesn’t really exist in real terms, and ‘The Wise Guys’ individually, or collectively are more than a match for any trolls who slip though the net. Our unique forum offers a platform where people can safely and honestly tell the world how they feel about anything and everything as long as it’s not offensive or libelous.”

Everyone has something or someone that gets under their skin, rubs them the wrong way, or makes them want to set the world straight. Your Grumble is a site dedicated to providing users with a platform to voice their complaints, commentaries, criticisms, grumbles, and worries regarding ordinary everyday matters to globally important issues.

The forum includes a wide range of topics and categories:

• Accountants & Bean Counters
• Animal Cruelty, Abuse & Neglect
• Bad Business Partners
• Dodgy Car Dealers
• Bad & Rotten Bosses
• Crime / Soft Punishment
• Diets that are a waste of time
• Environmental Issues
• Food & Restaurants
• Friends Who Have Let You Down
• Holidays From Hell
• Politics & Politicians
• Schools & Colleges
• Food and Restaurants
and many more…

Users who are unable to find a suitable category can post their grumble, submit a request for a new category to fit their topic and a moderator will create a suitable one for them.

People looking to blow off steam and join the conversation with other users and with the ‘Wise Guys’, can register on the forums by visiting to create a profile.

For more information about You Grumble, please contact Roy Cooper at or Tel: +44 07932089271

Media Contact
Company Name: Your Grumble
Contact Person: Roy Cooper
Phone: +44 07932089271
Country: United Kingdom