Artisanal Pride Brings National Pride to the International Community

Buenos Aires, Argentina – On June 29, 2015, Artisanal Pride launched its first Kickstarter Campaign with the goal to bring Artisans from around the world together and showcase their unique work, starting with Argentina!

“No matter how big or small, every country has something special to offer,” the creators explain, “The goal of our campaign is to be able to share a piece of that culture with everyone!”

Artisanal Pride’s mission is to connect our team and our artisans with distant communities through a website where each country is represented and people from across the world can learn more about their culture, as well as purchase our artisans’ products. Artisanal Pride has team consists of our Artisans who have designed their pieces for the Kickstarter campaign. First in line to unveil their local artisanal products is Argentina with their traditional Mates, Gaucho (steak) knives, and Aguayos. 

“By pledging to Artisanal Pride’s Kickstarter Campaign, you are helping a country’s local artisans reach a whole new market, and simultaneously helping a country teach the international community about their culture and customs,” says the team, “Choosing to back this project gives you the power to decide the next country added to, and brings our unique world with exceptional cultures into the hands of everyone.”

In exchange for pledging to the project, backers can gain access to a variety of rewards including a mate, which is a round cup used to drink yerba (a caffeinated drink made with finely chopped green leaves) or a handcrafted Gaucho knife – on its own or in a set – made from bronze, alpaca silver, and stainless steel with its own fitted leather case. Backers can also pledge to receive Aguayos, brightly colored and intricately designed textiles made from the wool of either llama, alpaca, or sheep.  

For more information, please contact the creator below or visit the Artisanal Pride website here and sign up for their newsletter to receive updates. 

Kickstarter Campaign: Click here.

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