Natalie DiDonato of VH1 Mob Wives, Shares Beauty Secrets

Natalie DiDonato of VH1’s top rated Reality Show ‘Mob Wives’, shares her insider secrets to better, healthier skin. A secret regiment that she and gal-pal Claudia Jordan of Bravo’s: ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’, do on a daily basis.

Natalie DiDonato of VH1’s hit Reality Show: ‘Mob Wives’, takes time to share her main beauty secret. ‘Avama skin cream is simply a kind of blessing for me, and it’s a daily ritual for my skin.’ For a woman facial beauty is something most important in order to feel confident, and look presentable. ‘I have been so worried about my facial beauty. My facial skin was getting rough day by day, it was losing its smoothness completely and I began to look older than my age. Some kind of dark pigmentation was also appearing on my face.’

Natalie learned about Avama cream from another Reality Show Star: Claudia Jordan of Real Housewives of Atlanta & Donald Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice. She assured Natalie that this beauty cream is really effective as it is being used by many other Celebrities in Hollywood. Natalie DiDonato became so impressed with Avama Skin Cream, that both she and Claudia Jordan are two of the official spokes persons of Avama skin cream. Natalie stated: ‘If this is the magic of Avama cream behind the shinny, gorgeous, glowing face of Claudia Jordan, I want some.” She instantly ordered Avama skin cream for her and her Mother and used it for thirty days. And now claims she can see the remarkable results and improvement in her facial skin. ‘My face is now bright and smooth. The dead layers of cells have been removed and the skin is being perfectly nourished. It now looks younger and toned. When I apply Avama cream at night and then wash my face in the morning, I see my face glowing and shining like a baby’s skin.’

The amazing thing about this product is that the most important quality of Avama skin cream is that it is purely a natural product which is made of natural ingredients including vitamins, minerals. The most important ingredient is Shilajit a bio stimulator which rejuvenates damaged tissues and makes the skin clear and smooth. Shilajit contains about 84 ionic minerals which increase the growth of new skin cells. Shilajit is only found in Himalayan Mountains over 16,000 feet high. Shilajit is a very useful ingredient as it increases the blood capacity of carrying iron and oxygen and thus makes the skin looks glow and fresh. It is an anti bacterial and anti oxidant ingredient and also contains fulvic acid which helps in the absorption of minerals by the skin.

Natalie now lives with Avama as a daily part of her beauty regiment… ‘I suggest men and women try Avama cream on regular basis because this is the most effective solution for acne, wrinkles, dark skin and scars. Trust me it is amazing, no negative side effects, just a natural way to enhance your beauty.’

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